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Over the years we have amassed a large number of documents relating to many of our ancestors that are in text format, either as a word processor format such as Word or Open Office or in PDF format. The problem has always been how to display them in an easy reading format that looks presentable on a website. I have still not found an option that I am totally omfortable with and each version of the site tries out a different format. Hopefully you can find the files you need and read them easily or/and download them to your own device.

This section includes a life story of Professor Albert Powsey, a number of press cuttings regarding the obituaries of a number of Pridmore brothers.

Several documents relating to various Augustine Pridmores and their wills and probates as well as the death of one of their wives.

Emphasis in this section centres around Ballina in County Mayo and the origins of the O’Haras as well as the origins of the Bagshaws at Scarcliffe.

The Pridmore locations of Bermondsey and Bourne are looked at and the story of Bernard Donlon, in Sheffield and Rotherham, is featured.

The section ends on an artistic note with the poems of Bernard O’Hara.

A mixture of articles about O’Haras and Pridmores once more from their Scottish mining heritage and areas of Carluke and Dalserf in Scotland to Australian Pridmores and the progress of one individual away from his leatherworking history to become a London doctor.

The Parrys are predominant here and in the main, Edward “Ted” Parry who will be a distinguished part of our family history forever. Recognised for his bravery in WWII, here is his story.

Alongside that, his namesake, professional footballer for Liverpool and Wales is also documented.

Another Pridmore peer elevates his career through invention and Francis O’Hara gets a mention in the London Gazette.

A varied collection here featuring “In memoriam” alongside a couple of location descriptions, the Gorbals and Ashover in Derbyshire.

The memoirs of Iris Pridmore are intermingled with a James O’Hara poem and press reports of both a criminal case and the chance to exhibit at the International Exhibition for James Pridmore the sadler.

Articles here spread our wings between Scotland and Australia with the most dramatic, the John Pridmore murder case.

Details of John O’Hara’s footballing career are related and other items show press cuttings both advertising for staff for and the demise of John Pridmore’s flax dressing business in Lincolnshire.

Three areas in our family tree are recognised in the section from Larkhall in Scotland to Law near Carluke and Luffenham in Rutland.

We have another set of personal memories, in particular during the 2nd WW and two reports of two Bagshaw brothers getting involved in an assault in 1848.

A mixed bag of texts here with two reports of deaths, Mary Franks and Mary Hopkinson, the locations of Matlock and Thorpe Salvin for some of our Bagshaws whilst the star of the show is a biography of Mary Irene Tyzack. Proving it was possible to rise from a poor background to make a better life around the turn of the 20th century.

The emphasis in this section is upon lists. Chiefly the O’Haras who fought in WW2 but also O’Haras baptised in Scotland and made applications for Poor Relief.

We take a look at Pittsfield, America and check on a court case involving Patrick O’Hara in 1868.

We end with a trade directory listing in Wales.

With the exception of a look at Rhos on Sea, the Pridmores take over this section. In particular the harrowing story of Robert Pridmore as a POW to the Japanese.

In contrast, we have the story of Rose Ellis and her breakthrough in a male dominated profession and the biography of Saxby Pridmore in Australia.

We take a look at Scarcliffe in Derbyshire and Sheffield where our families come together in present time.

We also look at the Sheffield crime reports over a 30 year period from 1880.

A bundle of gentlemen named Thomas appear in this setion from Hopkinson in Derbyshire to Pridmore in Lincolnshire and Sheffield.

Topics range from the sale of premises and goods to service record and military details.


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