The O'Hara - Bagshaw Family Tree

( Our ancestors did What  ?!? )

Gladys Powsey

Gladys Amelia Powsey was the daughter of “Professor” Albert Powsey and Rose Emma Ellis. She was born in Dartford in Kent in 1904 and into a family that was joined at the hip to the sea, swimming and diving. The Professor had made his living travelling around the coastline to entertain the crowds in seaside resorts with a diving act that entailed a number of dangerous ways of entering the sea from piers and high towers. 

Cycling off the pier end was a regular whilst diving into the water in a flaming sack or into small pools from a great height at Galas and shows were daily occurrences.

Rose Ellis was accredited with being the first lady professional diver and so it was no surprise that most of the family took on the performing gene connected with the sea and water. The video below shows Gladys Powsey performing in 1926 on the west pier at Brighton and gives a great impression of what both she and Professor Albert would have done in terms of diving.

The film was shot by British Pathe.

June Pridmore - Heir Hunters (BBC tv)

June Brown (nee Pridmore) was the daughter of George Frederick Dean Pridmore and Bertha Climpson and was born in West Ham, London in 1931.

She featured alongside others, in the BBC tv program Heir Hunters as a beneficiary in an estate left with no stated heirs. 


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