The O'Hara - Bagshaw Family Tree

( Our ancestors did What  ?!? )

Donnellans to the USA

This is the story of three siblings who were born in Sheffield of Irish stock who completed their dream of a better life in America. During the early years of the 1920’s, first John found his way across the Atlantic and established a firm base for himself as a bricklayer before creating the opportunity for his sisters, Margaret and Winifred, to upsticks and follow him away from their family to a more comfortable life than the one that they might have had back in England, despite the great financial crash in both countries.

They made several trips back to Sheffield aboard White Star Line ships and frequently sent back substantial items, particularly drapery which, in pre-Amazon days would have been a substantial undertaking.

Their story is a fascinating one that shows just how well they progressed in their new found home.

The Harkin Dynasty

When Catherine Floyd married Patrick O’Hara in 1914, she brought with her a link to a major link to an extended family back in Northern Ireland, the Harkins. Catherine’s mother was Mary Harkin born in County Tyrone in 1865.

The Harkins married into a much earlier family, the MacAneny family with their eldest member being born in 1770.

The family spread from Northern Ireland to reside in Scotland (some in Carluke) and Canada (in particular Ottawa) and bring yet another dimension to our tree.


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