The O’Hara – Bagshaw Family Tree

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Meet the Rynns

Bothwell Castle dominates the surrounding countryside where our Rinn/Rynn family settled after travelling from their native Irish homeland. The castle is a 13th century testament to the wealth of its owners and their penchant to make this known to one and all. The Morays initiated it and after it’s involvement in a siege by Edward I, it passed to the Black Douglasses who added to the structure.

We have no records to offer an insight into their Irish past but pick them up in the Bothwell area with wedding records at the Bellshill United Presbyterian church in 1862, when Edward Rinn married Frances “Fanny” Lindsay. Of their 6 children, Edward Rynn gives our direct line as he marries Mary McPake.

Edward Rynn

(We know Edward’s sister Martha married Malcolm McKinnon but have no information regarding the rest of the family).

Edward and Mary’s family gave 8 children and from these lines we do possess a significant amount of data with the introduction of the family names Ducey, O’Hara, McDonnell, Gilhooley and McMurray to round out our tree and provide the connection to the O’Haras of Larkhall in Lanarkshire.

Frances Rynn

Frances Rynn married Francis O’Hara and began a family of 8 children. Francis was a miner and after working in the Lanarkshire coalfields he came down to Sheffield in the 1930’s where the main shafts at Orgreave and Beighton were being sunk. Lodging temporarily with his sister and brother-in-law Annie and Thomas Ducey who were already in the area, he was soon able to find a house and bring the family down to Beighton.

Martha Rynn married William Gilhooley while Bernard Rynn married Mary McMurray. Other than Frances, the Rynn siblings all remained in Scotland and raised their families there.


Families in More Detail

To take a look at some of our individual families in more detail just click on the photos below and we will take you to a more detailed story of that family as we know it including the locations associated with the family.

Meet the Heads of the Family

The O'Haras

From Ballina, County Sligo (Mayo) as far as Pennsylvania in the USA and south across the Sottish border to South Yorkshire.

The Rynns

Originally from Ireland, Richard Rinn had emigrated to Scotland after 1828. The spelling of their name mutated in their new land.

The Pridmores

With a large concentration in Bourne in Lincolnshire, their saddlery skills were easily transferred to Sheffield in the mid-19th century

The Temprells

The Temprells were a Nottinghamshire family that settled onthe South Yorkshire border. A mining family.

The Bagshaws

Strething back many generations to the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border, the Bagshaws appear to have had little wanderlust.

The Parrys

Inhabiting Denbighshire and the North Welsh coast, they spread their wings into Merseyside but not too much further.

The Hopkinsons

Our Hopkinsons show a presence in Derbyshire going back to the mid-18th century with continuity there for at least 3 centuries.

The Allsops

Another family with a Derbyshire pedigree back to the early 1700's. Ashbourne, Hognaston and Brassington being favoured.


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